More than porcelain tile

More than porcelain tile

Estima's mission

Leadership based on trust

Since 2001, we have been producing high-quality, beautiful ceramic tile at our own production.

Main directions

Porcelain tile for objects of any complexity

  • collections:
  • wood
  • stone
  • marble
  • cement

A wide range of models of porcelain tile, stylized for various materials.

Products from porcelain tile

  • furniture
  • steps
  • countertops
  • mosaics

Decorative products from porcelain stoneware allow you to implement non-standard ideas in the interior


Environmentally friendly production technologies
The first manufacturer of porcelain tiles in Russia
15 million sq. meters porcelain tile in year
Closed ecological cycle production
24 representative offices in Russia
Representative offices in 60 countries of the world
2 own production factories


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