Futuristic bathroom

Thazeplova Zalina
April, 2022

The small bathroom in the apartment complex is made in light colors: ivory and beige. For the basis of the finishing, the designer took the collection of porcelain stoneware Jazz in XXL format - 60x120 cm. It is a tactile pleasant material, imitating natural stone. The neutral finishing has created an atmosphere of calm and peacefulness in the bathroom. For contrast, the author of the project, Zalina Thazeplova, has added porcelain stoneware from Fusion collection in 80x160 cm format to some of the walls. Thanks to the large size of the tiles, the design is almost monolithic, with no visible joints. The center of attraction is a mirror of streamlined shape, reminiscent of the storyline of Salvador Dali's painting "The Persistence of Memory".