Apartment for a young family

Zhemchuzhnikova Sofiya
May, 2022

The clients of the project were a family of fashion designers from Novosibirsk. The young couple wanted to have a large and bright space for work and leisure. The owners are very creative and charismatic, so according to the author's idea, the apartment was to be a framework for them. On an area of 93.6 m2, the designer Sofia Zhemchuzhnikova has created a multifunctional space, including a living room for relaxation, and kitchen and dining areas for culinary experiments and leisurely breakfasts. Sofia chose white as the background color, which became the dominant color in the entire room. By combining different textures, the designer created an unobtrusive but at the same time interesting finish: a concrete ceiling, a wooden floor and accent walls made of terrazzo porcelain from the Cosmos collection.

Products in project