Project of a cottage in the "Artists' Village"

July, 2022
Anastasiya Novozhenina

The house, for which Anastasia Novozhenina has developed an updated design, is located in the Sokol neighborhood. It is the oldest cottage community in Moscow, founded back in 1923. Built under the "garden town" concept, it combines the best features of a village and a city: the absence of high-rise buildings and abundance of greenery on the one hand, and accessibility to all the benefits of civilization on the other.

The client wanted to upgrade the entryway so that the house would look beautiful not only inside but also outside. For the decoration of the lobby, the designer chose the Terra collection in color 02. According to the idea, the durable material should be a good solution for the "wet" zone, where so often the owners and guests wear outdoor shoes. And to create a unified style throughout the space, the kitchen floor was also finished with porcelain tiles from the same collection.

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