Project of a living room in a country house

Anastasiya Grek
May, 2022

The clients of the project are three sisters who are in love with country life and spend every weekend in their country house. Having a difference in age, the ladies have a different idea of a dream interior, but there is a detail that binds them — the love for the classics.

This was the basis of the future design of the spacious living room by the project of Anastasia Grek. The designer has tried to take into account all the wishes of the owners, and the result is a newfangled interior in a neoclassical style — a certain balance of austerity and modernity. Complex monograms and innovative finishing materials, abstract paintings and chandeliers are combined here. And so that the interior does not look overwhelming, Anastasia has chosen a gentle color scheme: shades of pink, blue and sand, combined with natural materials.

Products in project