Kitchen&living room in the private house

March, 2022

The house is designed for a big family and is intended for living all year. Designer Valery Timofeevsky developed a new design of the kitchen combined with the living room in the country style. The abundance of animalistic motifs in the accessories, the real fireplace and the slatted ceiling all speak of coziness and closeness to nature. The space is almost entirely finished with wood - undoubtedly, this is the best choice in the interior of country houses. However, natural wood over time wears out, loses its noble color and begins to crack if it lays the floor. To avoid the unfortunate consequences of long-term use of the living room and kitchen, the most traversed rooms in the house, the author of the project chose porcelain stoneware imitating wood from the Classic Wood collection in shade 03 as the floor covering. The result is a light and soothing design that emphasizes all the advantages of the layout: panoramic windows overlooking the garden, wide doorways and high ceilings.

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