"Stone Jungle": a great project of a loft-style apartment with eco-motifs

July, 2022
Maxim Rizhov

"Loft" is a rough style for fans of concrete, metal and stone finishes. However, over time, this monotonous design can become tiresome and boring. To diversify the interior and prolong the love for loft-style furnishings, designer Maxim Ryzhov suggests adding more greenery to the space. For example, "living walls" of moss, "green" inserts in the furniture, stationary pots with plants or suspended structures in several tiers.

In the apartment project for a young couple, the designer combined all three varieties of greening. Thus, in the living room area, the wall partition was completely covered with moss. Shimmering in the sun, the greenery according to the author's idea should refresh the space and "transfer" the owners into the woodland.

The clients work a lot, which is why the apartment layout has a separate office. To stylise the room in the likeness of a 'stone jungle', Maxim created circular inserts in the wall in the balcony niche. Lush green vegetation, framed by concrete, resembled several oases. The composition was complemented by several pots displayed in a row on the window sill. And an unusual design trick was the insert in the furniture. The author of the project built a mini flower bed right into the countertop of the computer table. This way it is better to breathe, and there is always something to shift your gaze to during the work process.

To further soften the loft-style interior, Maxim chose a mix of different building materials for the interior decoration. Due to the collaboration of natural wood and porcelain stoneware that looks like concrete, it was possible to create a cozy atmosphere without changing the canons of style. The porcelain stoneware is from the Concrete collection, 60x60 cm in size. Authentic concrete coating, porcelain tiles successfully blended into the interior!

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