The living room in minimalistic style

Viktoria Tsyganova
April, 2022

Minimalistic design in home decoration does not give up its position and is still a desirable style for many customers. People living in big cities are drawn to simple and aesthetic interiors, referring to nature and naturalness. So the author of this project was faced with the task of creating an environmentally friendly interior, not overburdening the space, in the realities of a noisy city. In the decoration of the main room in the apartment - the living room - designer Viktoria Tsyganova has used large-format porcelain stoneware tiles to avoid a large number of seams. The Terra and Selection collections, imitating natural materials: stone and wood - an excellent choice for those who not only prefer natural colors and textures, but also care about nature. Subdued beige and brown tones are echoed in the color palette of cabinet furniture and kitchen fronts.