Chocolate-colored guest bathroom

June, 2022
Anna Gudieva

The guest bathroom is part of a large apartment in the style of French classics. The design differs from the project concept: laconic forms and color palette, absence of pretentious elements in the decor. The gentle shades of gray and chocolate, and the subdued light create a feeling of privacy and chamberiness. Only wide ceiling moldings give away belonging to the French style.

Despite the fact that the bathroom is for guests, the owners have taken care to make it comfortable for friends and visitors. The room has not only a sink, but also a shower area, lots of shelves for storage and a towel rack.

The interior was thoughtful not only in terms of "stuffing", but also in terms of visual design. For the wet area, the designer Anna Gudieva has chosen porcelain stoneware, a durable material that does not absorb moisture. The floor is lined with the Terra collection (TE 00), and the walls are painted in gray-brown, with a porcelain stoneware finish in the ratio of ⅓. This is a good technique when you want to create a minimalist design with a functional twist. After all, a porcelain stoneware finishing in the bathroom up to waist level eliminates splashing on more fragile materials.

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