Design photo mat "Haryths"

July, 2022
Nataliya Kirichenko

The wall panel designed by Natalia Kirichenko has an interesting semantic subtext. During the design process, the author was fascinated by the myths of ancient Greece and embodied the story of the three Graces (or Charitas) in the decoration of the poolside lounge. The image of each of the Graces is characterized by a separate panel: yellow with black and white inclusions - Aglaia (brilliant), Efrosina (cheerful) - yellow-blue and black-red - Faline, which means "blooming".

The three decorative elements are enclosed in porcelain stoneware and have additional lighting so that the owners can admire the panel even in the evening. For the decoration, Natalia used porcelain stoneware from the Ideal collection. The choice of white marble in the context of the project concept is an exact hit. The wall was given its finishing touch by the insert made of Chess 3D mosaic from the same collection.

The floor covering near the pool is also made of porcelain tiles, from the Cosmos collection. Small inclusions and an unobtrusive geometric pattern echo the colors of the panel, creating a unified style.