Design project of common areas in the "Life Varshavskaya" Residential Complex

Kurennoiy Ilya
April, 2022

The residential complex is built within a minute's walk from the Varshavskaya metro station. It is a large complex consisting of ten high-rise towers and five residential urban blocks of variable height. For the entrance areas of the urban blocks, the designer Ilya Kurnoy has chosen gray porcelain stoneware, with thin marble veins, from the Vision collection. Porcelain stoneware from the Chambord collection was matched with Vision to create bright accents and zoning in the lobby and on the floors. Life Varshavskaya is the first Smart quarter that combines comfort, safety and energy efficiency. During the construction of the residential complex the concept of conscious consumption was taken into account: the architects took care not only about the choice of eco-friendly finishing materials, but also about the arrangement of infrastructure in accordance with the rules of the three R's — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.