“Tempo-2” Business Center

Sergey Shabarchin
April, 2022

Designer Sergei Shabarchin has developed and implemented a design project for an office building in the historic center of St. Petersburg. In this location, this is already the fourth business center in the designer's portfolio, and the business centers are all differ in style. This time the Mediterranean theme was suggested as a contrast to the rainy weather of the so-called “Northern Capital” and to the office routine. Hence the natural stone, stained glass and warm shades appeared in the project. The specificity of commercial interior design always means searching for the best materials in terms of quality and price. It is necessary for a long and scrupulous comparison and choice of different manufacturers. Estima porcelain stoneware from the Jazz 02 300x600 collection proved to be a good choice: it perfectly matched the natural travertine in the framing of the mirrors and elevator doorways, and also highlighted the walls in corridors, stairwells, elevator halls and lobbies. The designer chose porcelain stoneware from the Your Color collection in 04 300x600 for the bathroom walls and Estima Altair 03 for the floor covering. The "cherry on the cake" are the additions in the form of mosaics and decorations. The whole complex of works on designing and architectural supervision took almost two years. The facility was commissioned and welcomed its first tenants in the spring of 2020.