Combining industrial style with nature

Combining industrial style with nature


5 min

The author of the project is a participant of the competition "Porcelain stoneware in Architecture-2020" - Vtorushina Ekaterina, private designer (Novosibirsk)

Private residential building in Novosibirsk, pos. "Priobsky". The owner of the house, having moved the family from the stuffy built-up area to the village, did not want to part with the city comfort. Inside it is the most modern apartment surrounded by pine trees and clear air outside. Such a contrast of two environments, immersed in one another, inspired the creation of this interior.

Project materials:

  • Ametis Daintree02 Light Brown
  • Kailas02 60x120
  • Brigantina 19.4x120
  • Aglomerat 60x60