™Estima's new corporate identity

™Estima's new corporate identity


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You have probably already noticed how the website of our company has changed. And now, from June 1, ™Estima has a new corporate identity!

We carried out a restyling, because over 20 years of work we have accumulated vast experience, mastered new technologies and directions and reached a new level. We have changed along with time, becoming wider, deeper, more environmentally friendly, more efficient. And all these large-scale changes are part of our history, which is worthy of reflection in the visual concept of the brand. This is why we opted for scaling and added the "+" sign to our logo.

The updated logo and corporate identity still reflect the spirit and character of Estima, but now they have become more relevant, organic and intuitive and symbolize a reliable partnership, an individual approach to each client and the constant development of our company.

Thanks for being with Estima!