Porcelain tile


™Estima® Company is a leader in porcelain tile production in Russia with production capacity of over 15 mln. sq.m of tile per annum. For 20 years, the Company has been offering the quality finishing material standing out among its European analogues. ESTIMA has 24 representative offices in the Russian Federation and 2 own offices in Italy and the USA, and successfully cooperates with over 60 countries of the world.

™Ametis by Estima

™Ametis by Estima is ™Estima's premium line of porcelain tiles featuring a range of atmospheric and sensual collections that mimic natural materials with the utmost accuracy. When creating ™Ametis by Estima, we took our main inspiration from the nature. Nature is the best artist, sculptor and creator. Each collection of the ™Ametis by Estima line conveys the atmosphere of happiness, tranquility and wonder of the natural power that surrounds us in daily life.

™Estima Solutions

Following the development trend of the leading European companies, ™Estima® is striving to expand its portfolio of the offered solutions to implement the projects of various complexity. ™Estima Solutions is a line combining innovative materials designed to solve the most unusual tasks and responding to challenges of the modern architectural and construction trends.

™Estima XXL

™Estima XXL is the large-size porcelain tile 80х80 cm and 80х160 cm. The line is available in the most demanded designs: you will find the marble, stone, cement and metal simulated collections in our catalogue. The large-size porcelain tile opens up new opportunities in design and architecture: such material can be used both for interior finish and lining.

™Estima City

™Estima City is a democratic porcelain tile line maintaining the traditional top quality of ™Estima products. When creating ™Estima City, we were inspired by the pace of life in a megalopolis, that’s why all collections have reference to music genres in their names. The most popular and refined Estima porcelain tile collections - marble, stone, cement and wood - were taken as a basis.