Плитка из керамогранита mb07 160x320x6,5 полир.рект. (керамический гранит) коллекции ES_MB от Estima для облицовки стен, пола и потолка в домах и квартирах: описание и фото в интерьере

MB07 160x320x6.5 polished (Porcelain gres)

Pattern variability:



The form
MB07 160x320x6,5 Полир.Рект. (Керамический гранит)


For size: 160x320
Type Quantity М² PT
Pallet 14 NMP 771,5564 FTK 2 449,3988 LBR

Surface treatment type


  • Polished

Prevailing color of a collection or print


  • White

What type of room is the product suitable for

Room type

  • Facade
  • Terrace
  • Living room
  • Bath
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen

We produce rectified and non-rectified porcelain tile. The first one has strict proportions and dimensions with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The second has tolerances for size differences within all-Russian standard


  • Rectified

Additional characteristics

This series is suitable for styling


  • Universal

This indicator is also called "Antislip rate". This is a tile with a special surface that provides high adhesion to shoes, both dry and wet.

All Antislip rate tiles are divided into groups according to the degree of adhesion to surfaces.

The degree of sliding of a tile is indicated by the index R9-R-13, depending on the angle of inclination at which the tile prevents slipping:

R9 - 6-10 °. Ideal for residential, educational and public spaces.

R10 - 10-19 °. Suitable for bathrooms, garages and catering kitchens.

Antislip rate

  • R9

Geometric shape


  • Rectangle
  • Square

In the interior

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