About Estima

ESTIMA is the first Russian manufacturer of porcelain tile with a 20-year history.

Estima today is a recognized domestic leader in the production of porcelain tile. We are the first manufacturer to organize the production of this material in our country. We have been producing high quality ceramic granite of high quality for 20 years.

Estima Mission and Principles

Leadership based on  trust

  • The first manufacturer of porcelain tile in Russia
  • Professionals recognized in the global market
  • Development vector of the whole industry

Estima Values:

  • We follow the rules: openness and trust
  • We keep traditions: stability for an employee, reliability for a partner
  • Leading the market: continuous development and innovative technologies
  • Thinking about the future: a responsible approach to business
  • We care about the client: we understand the needs and make life better

Estima today


million square meter & sup2;
porcelain tile in year


countries of the world where the product is exported ™ Estima®


thousand employees


representative offices in the Russian Federation.
2 branches & mdash; in Italy and USA


of brand salons of "Estima Ceramica Studios"


Launch of the first production of porcelain stoneware TM Estima ® in Russia
Production capacity is 4 million sq. M. tiles per year
Launch of the third and fourth lines.
Capacity 8 million sq. m. tiles per year
Estima as part of the Samara Ceramics Association
The All-Russian annual competition "Porcelain stoneware in architecture" was established
Launch of production of large-format porcelain stoneware, implementation of DigitalPrint technology
Opening of brand salons in 6 cities of the Russian Federation
Estima USA representative office opening
Estima Europe representative office opening
Large-scale reconstruction of our own plant in Samara
Development of our own salon network in Russia
Creation of a premium line TM Ametis by Estima
Creation of Estima City line and brand of complex solutions
Estima Buildings Solutions
20 years of Estima and porcelain stoneware in Russia

Taking care of nature

Nature not only inspires the creation of beauty , but also provides everything you need for this.
The product line ™  Estima is dominated by collections that imitate natural textures and surfaces as naturally as possible: wood, granite, marble, travertine and other materials.

Raw materials for the manufacture of porcelain stoneware are borrowed from nature.
The composition of the material includes white refractory clay, kaolin, quartz sand and feldspar. Mineral pigments are used for rich and natural shades.
Porcelain stoneware is not & nbsp; only a material that imitates natural surfaces, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; completely eco-friendly, safe and & nbsp; pure product.

Estima treats the environment with respect and gratitude, therefore voluntarily bears increased social responsibility to nature and society. For the introduction of the technology for the production of EcoGres porcelain stoneware from internal returnable raw materials, ™ Estima ® was awarded a diploma and was awarded a prize statuette in the nomination `` ECOproducts ''.
In 2019 ™ Estima ® company has successfully passed the ICS social responsibility audit , initiated by the leader in the certification area — Bureau Veritas Certification rus by  order of the Adeo Group. Estima received the highest `` A '' grade for almost all of its metrics. and & nbsp; scored 97% in the  overall rating.

Estima's production complex fully meets green standards. Thanks to a closed production cycle and the use of only natural materials that are quarried, ™ Estima ® products are environmentally friendly. The high performance of porcelain stoneware extends the life of the material to over 50 years, which reduces operating costs and contributes to more economic use.